Registration for the BASE Decision Study (MUHREC #8032) is now CLOSED.

However, we have another study (MUHREC #9938) investigating how sleep disruption may affect emotional memory processing that you can be involved in.

You may be eligible if:


This study involves:

  • You are fluent in English
  • You are aged 18-39
  • You are not a smoker
  • You have no current medical, mental health, or sleep conditions
  • You have not engaged in shift work for the past 4 months
  • Telephone and online screening for medical, mental health, and sleep disorders
  • One week of at-home monitoring
  • One 5-day inpatient stays at the Monash University Sleep Laboratory

Participants will be reimbursed $1000 for completing all stages of this new study.

If you are interested in participating for this other study, please email base.remmemory@monash.edu for more information.